Grand Tennessee BBQ Smoker


Hot on the charcoal-fired heels of our BBQ Tower Review we’re spending the run up to barbecue season – if it ever arrives in the UK – picking through our vast array of barbecues and reviewing them for your benefit. It’s all about helping you find the barbecue that’s going to give you the tastiest grub this summer, and barbecues that will be giving you this for years to come – even if the weather unfortunately doesn’t comply. Today is the turn of the Landmann Grand Tennessee Smoker, which is certainly ‘grand’ on appearance but does that mean it’s worth your hard earned cash?

Landmann is a name that’s highly regarded in the barbecue world. It’s a family-run owned company that founded in 1966 and became the first company to introduce barbecuing equipment into the German market on a large scale. They are now one of Europe’s largest suppliers of barbecues, with many of their models available to buy on the BBQBarbecues website. This time we’re focusing on the Landmann Grand Tennessee Smoker though, and it may just be one of the best things that the company currently offers.

Landmann Grand Tennessee BBQ Smoker Review

The first thing that strikes you about this wonderful smoker is its grand steampunk style industrial appearance. A lot of barbecues can end up looking pretty bland and boring in your garden, so it’s a real refresher to get something that’s going to stand out so beautifully. It’s made up of a black main chamber and an attached side firebox, both of which open smoothly when you lift the white handles. The bewitching appearance is complete with wagon style wheels and a charming little chimney, plus a practical lengthy work area. Despite its size the wheels make the Landmann Grand Tennessee Smoker easy enough to move around, and the set of chunky sturdy legs can be relied upon for years.

This smoker looks the business

They say that appearances that can be deceiving, but thankfully the inner workings live up to pure barbecuing standards. The brilliance of the design gives you a choice; you can either cook your food directly over coals in the sizeable main area or indirectly via the side firebox in order to smoke the food. If you opt for the second option it’s simple enough; simply throw your charcoal into the firebox, optionally adding damp sawdust to help create more smoke or flavoured wood chippings to create that taste-bud exploding barbecue flavour.

Smoky meat at your fingertips

Close the lids and the magic will happen, with the smoke passing into the main cooking area and out through the chimney. You can regulate the heat and smoke intensity simply by opening slots (dampers) on the chimney and the firebox. Before cooking it’s best to burn some hardwood in it for about 2 hours, simply to ‘burn it in’, but once it’s ready you’re good to go for years to come. It’s a barbecue that’s ideal for slow cooking; stick a juicy steak in there – add some homemade barbecue rub near the end for some extra tastiness – and about 8 hours later you’ll have one of the best steaks you’ve ever tasted.

The Gadget Show reviewed the Landmann Grand Tennessee Smoker in their recent Bank Holiday special, giving it an impressive 4 out of 5 G’s rating, so we know that other people definitely love this model too.

If you’re serious about barbecuing and smoking food (try slow smoked BBQ ribs and be prepared to be amazed!) then you really can’t really go wrong with the Landmann Grand Tennessee Smoker, especially as it won’t cost you an absolute fortune. It’s definitely up there with the top 5 barbecues we’ve ever had the pleasure to use – and ultimately taste for that lip-smacking quality!

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