Make your Barbecue go with a bang this Guy Fawkes Night


With November 5 and Guy Fawkes night celebrations only days away, now would be a great time to plan your barbecue feast.

Yes, we know it’s getting a bit cold for standing around outdoors but that’s all the more reason to cook up a few yummy treats such as piping hot baked potatoes and spicy sausage with onion toasted baps.

And, much as we hate to admit, it may even be the last chance you’ll have to get the barbecue glowing this year.

There’s no better way of enjoying a fireworks display than to be standing with a hot burger in your hand and a warm drink nearby. Barbecues are a great at a firework display because, aside from the fireworks themselves, they tend to be the focus of the evening.

Make your Barbecue go with a bang this Guy Fawkes Night

Because it’ll be dark when you’re cooking outdoors it’s often a good idea to ‘pre-cook’ the potatoes and sausage in the oven beforehand then just do the final ten minutes or so on the barbecue. This ensures everything is cooked right through for your guests and gives you peace of mind to enjoy the evening yourself.

So what makes good barbecue tucker for a cold November night? We’ve a few suggestions below:


Thick steaks cut evenly into strips and served with flat bread (to make the flat bread use shop-bought pizza dough and drizzle with oil prior to cooking)
Chicken drumsticks with small tubs of salsa dressing
Pork sausages with onions and mustard (of course)

BBQ Vegetables

Grilled artichokes or asparagus marinated in lime juice, oil and garlic (it’s best to soak in water beforehand to soften)
Tofu (always use the firm variety) isn’t strictly a vegetable but tends to be beloved of vegetarians and cooks well on a barbecue either in chunks or presented on skewers with peppers, tomatoes, onions or mushrooms
Brussels sprouts is an usual one but delicious when grilled (cook through beforehand to soften)
Sweet potatoes are a tasty – and healthier – alternative to white potatoes and are delicious when rubbed over with hot maple syrup

Corn on the cob dripping with butter (it’s what barbecues were made for!)

BBQ Fish


Large prawns dipped in lemon juice or painted with Thai sweet chilli sauce then cooked on skewers
Salmon with dill and butter wrapped in tinfoil or soaked overnight in a marinade of soy sauce, olive oil, sesame oil and grated fresh ginger (with the juice from a lime sprinkled on top when cooked).

Large chunks of fruit such as apples or bananas brushed with a mix of honey and an equal part dry white wine
Pineapple slices with a sweet balsamic glaze or with a cinnamon and sugar topping.
Just one thing we’d add to the above – and that’s to remember to keep your vegetables and other meats separate. You don’t want to be annoying any strict vegetarian guests on the night of your party!

And another thing, you don’t want to be succeeding where Guy Fawkes failed. By that we mean in order to make sure there’s no nasty fires, just make sure your barbecue isn’t in range of any wayward fireworks…

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